Hello Apple Butter Boutique Dolls!

If you have read "About Us" then you have a small insight into who I am, but beyond that there is so much more. Apple Butter Boutique has been a long time coming and I am overjoyed that it is finally come to life. Though I have been selling goods since 2004 I finally have .com after our name which for me the ultimate stamp of approval! 

Below is a article that I wrote a few years ago which I am happy to share with you to get to know me "the vision" better.


Posted on December 24, 2010 by thejyneses

My biggest career challenge!

My biggest career challenge has been lack of confidence and finding my voice. As an African American woman working in the corporate world, I was never given the recognition that I craved and let others take the credit. I was afraid that if I spoke up, I would be considered the “stereotypical angry black women” with a chip on her shoulder. After years of having my own pity party, I decided that it is time to make a change in the direction that I wanted my career to go. I have finally come to the realization that I need to overcome my fears and I am no longer afraid to be me!

I have FINALLY come into my own, now understanding my favorite phrase, “anyone can make a path, but a true person follows it”! I recently started a fashion blog and next year will be going back to my roots, relaunching my vintage contemporary boutique. I have rejuvenated my calling and I am no longer waiting for something to just happen. I’m a entrepreneur at heart and I am now confident enough to listen!

Everyone has challenges, but what you do to overcome them is vital to your sanity! There are always going to be career challenges but there is now light at the end of my tunnel, so reconsidering my goals was the key to my freedom!

Yours truly,
Sharon French

I wanted to share this as a best way to show who I am and where I came from. Apple Butter Boutique is more than just another "boutique", it is a passion that will continue to evolve and grow. Stay tuned, there is so much more to come for 2013 and beyond!

Your feedback is truly important so please feel free to leave us your comments or questions and I will do our best to answer them all in a timely manner.

I also have a very "colorful" photo blog on Tumblr- The Naturalista. I'm a Naptural girl living in a material world and I'm love every minute of it!



Ericaericah139@yahoo.com13 Feb 2:11pm

This site, the clothes and the style is AMAZING!! You bringing an original style that can bring out so much personality and boldness for people and allowing them to be expressive and unique. I love it! I wish you nothing but absolute success and allow open doors for all of your GREAT ideas and ventures! This is one of your babies and you truly put everything into it. Great Job!

Love ya! :-)

Posted in BEHIND THE CREATIVE VISION from the blog AB BlogsspamSasha Osbournesosbourne1@yahoo.com7 Feb 10:15pm

Hey huns, 
I just wanted to be the first to express how proud I am to call you my friend. I am glad that you have finally achieved one of your goals (this is just the beginning)…and take it from me…always let yourself shine, no matter what situation you are in because there will always people that judge you and your actions in a negative way, but the product you are delivering will speak for you and itself…love you!!!

Posted in BEHIND THE CREATIVE VISION from the blog AB Blogs