Next stop BROOKLYN!

For years I have dreamed of riding around the City with my clothing in tow, stopping at each city street with "Girls Just Want To Have Fun", blaring from the speakers. Apple Butter Boutique was always thought of to be more than another store front but a whole experience, by bringing the store to wherever you are.

As of August 2, 2013 that dream will become a reality. Though I am way behind my original timeline of May 3rd, I am still 100% committed to finalizing this chapter in this endless novel of adventure!    We have finally found a vintage camper suitable to call our home. Yay!!!

First thought of to be 10 feet longer and an old school Ice Cream truck, to a School Bus, to a Shuttle Van but settling on a 1960's Scotty. I am so elated to turn this shabby 10ft camper to a Chic boutique on wheels!    The hard work has only began and I am happy that determination outweighed many hurdles.

    More pictures are coming soon. Please check out "Pop-Up Shop" tab for stops in your area.    Also email to book for events, girls night in, or ALL fashion emergencies.

Did I mention we will start vintage rentals this Fall? Lookout details will be posted under the "Services" tab.

Xoxoxoxo  ABB Team   

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