[STYLE] Dare To Be Different!

Chapter 1
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It's okay to stand out in a crowd...

For years, I have toyed with the thoughts of "who's going to be there" ,"where's the venue", in preparation for any outing. I would never wanted to outshine anyone, so I opted to for low-key attire. Now don't get me wrong, I would always add unique elements to whatever outfit I chose to wear but yet it was a muted detail to the boldness that was buried inside of me.

My new motto is to, "over dress" and why not? Why save an outfit for a special occasion when there are so many others to create? I woke one day with a new confidence about myself. Ready to walk down that runway everyday or on weekends at least.

Today marks the beginning of a revitalized new me ready to wear what I please. Not being concerned by my peers but only myself. Yes it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's my own and I am ready to indulge in every drop.

Confidence. Clothes. Conquer.

Sharon French
CFO, Apple Butter Boutique