[STYLESPIRATION] 7 Day’s of Spring [Outfit No. 7 + Bonus]

Concerts in the park are what I think of when I think of Spring. I thought that I’d end our 7 day’s of Spring with a concert flavor, think of it as Woodstock meets Concerts in Central Park. Since I’m a hippy at heart it was easy to put together a boho chic looks that can appeal many styles.

Outfit No.7 COCHELLA

Our GALAXY PRINT LEGGINGS are out of this world! Its fun, funky and far from boring, paired with our GINGER G EYELET TOP, keeping it simple on top since the pant is so vibrant. The fringe messenger is a trend that resurfaces year after year is one of the most logical ways to tote your goods next to a fanny pack. You can be free and still look fab at the same time and my fav Spring essential kicks! The denim vest is like the cherry on a sundae bringing this look full circle. Don’t forget the lime green nails for added shine. I would so rock this look on to Saturday afternoon to a free concert in the park!

PhotoGrid_1364318724836_grande (1).png


Denim high waist shorts paired with out GINGER G EYELET TOP is the signature go to look for any festival lover! I absolutely am in lust over the striped print vest that hides all flaws. Accessorize it with a fedora and fringe to tie it all together. Don’t forget my must have nail color of the Spring coral nail lip or toe for the added punch to this outfit.

PicsArt_1364320935722_grande (1).jpg