[STYLESPRIRATION] 7 Day’s of Spring [Outfits 3-6]

Our seven days of style continues. May people like to see the visuals as I do, sometimes you need to see something put together before you buy and we are here to help! Below we showcase outfits 3-6 using a mix Apple Butter Boutique's Spring Collection and accessories paired them with high and low end pieces. This isSTYLESPIRATION for you to use your ABB snags with item that you curently own.

Good Luck and Enjoy!

Outfit No. 3 GROWN + SEXY

This might be one of my favorites. I love a pleated skirt, pairing it with our Better B Heart Cutout Top really vamps it up while still keeping it classy. I added the clear sandals not only because it is a season must have but because of the simple sleekness of design. The earrings tie all of the colors in while giving the grown element of the outfit. The peek-a-boo heart maybe dramatic for some but it is playful and lets others know that you don’t take yourself to seriously I would add a denim tailored jacket or a simple off white for those chilly Spring nights. Pale blue polish and the sweet sultry CoCo Chanel accessorizes this outfit to complete.




This is a nice daytime look for the girl on the go! Ditch the sneakers and sweats for an updated easy breezy look. It’s a nice brunch outfit as well. Gladiator sandals and our Bar Knuckle Ring are accessories that says you are not trying to hard though others may think you took all day to put this look together. I am an advocate of was and go, meaning clothing should be fab, functional and free (not loose or binding) and this is an example of my simple style. Yellow compliments our peach and lilac Honey Punch Two Toned Chiffon Dress adding that pop of color to the more subtle tones. As in Outfit No.3 cover up with a denim jacket or blazer which is a staple in every fashionista’s closet.


Outfit No. 5 MIAMI

Our Pink Owl Miami Vice Dress reminds me of an extra on “Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s” or “Sex in the City”. This dress was made for all body types not only for its long and flowing appeal but the build in liner leaves room for flaws. I am obsessed with animal print and the vibrant colors really makes this dress a winner on all levels style, color and fit. I choose the obvious gold accessories but for the daring I choose a simple strappy red shoe. The green nails may be a stretch for some but it picks up on the colors of the dress and compliments any shoe choice. I love this selection for its pack and go!


Outfit No. 6 FUN + FLIRTY

As I have stated time and time again I'm in love with a peplums. I had to include this look for the girl that likes to take risk. I think a lot of use view fashion as so black and white when all I see are colors. It is okay to pair prints, colors and textures with the unexpected. It gives you a chance to showcase who you are without saying a word and this outfit is no different! I choose to add a Mickey tee to our L'Atiste Floral Peplum Skirt because, why not! The strappy lace up sandals adds the sexy and the clear neon yellow clutch is super adorable and adds whimsy to the fun of this look. I love this look and the nude makeup really ties it together but you can also add a pop of red lip for a night time look!